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Welcome to CALL@Hull, a collection of online resources for teachers and learners of languages in higher education. This site continues and develops the heritage of the CTI Centre for Modern Languages at Hull.

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29th November 2021: New sites (5) added to the collection

2nd May 2021: New sites (6), mostly for Italian, added to the collection.

8th August 2020: New sites (4) added to the collection, and extensive linkrot in the Iberian page removed.

15th February 2020: New sites (11) added to the collection, with particular emphasis on GĂ idhlig and Catalan. A major cull of dead links in the French section.

10th March 2019: New sites (7) added to the collection, plus some dead links deleted. I'll get on to a proper cull of the linkrot in the near future.

30th August 2017: New sites (12) added to the collection. Also, importantly, the suggest a site form has now been fixed - it was giving a 404 error on submission. D'OH!! My apologies to those who've tried to submit resources via the form, in vain.

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For the time being, I've disabled social networking for CALL@Hull, due to marked lack of interest, and also lack of time and motivation. Sadly, RSS is now sooo noughties, my dear, so that's been temporary disabled, at least until I create a database-driven version of this site.